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Corporate Events


Why chose an AV production company for your conference ?


We work for you.


  • We free up your time rather than you having to worry about event production activities such as set, equipment etc.

  • Our years of conference experience means we can promise to ensure your conference runs seamlessly 


In the last few years we have been very lucky to have produced amazing conferences in Paris, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Marseille, Madrid, Budapest, Prague, Malmo, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Casablanca and Sharm El Sheik, as well as all round the UK.


Planning a conference in the UK or EMEA? Call us today on 01256 889288 to find out more about the options and how Trigger can help you.  

Conference Production.  

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Contact us on 01256 889288

Consultancy - Design - Installations

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Key Production Advantages.


  • Saves you time

  • Quality is assured

  • A friendly face to bounce ideas from

  • Knowing someone else cares about your event

  • Delegate the tricky technical stuff  

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