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The latest systems available.

Unified Communications.What does that mean?

Why not take advantage of new technology to benefit from overseas contributors without flying them around the globe; or bring your colleagues, teams and peer groups together wherever they are in the World? We’ll admit that does make it sound a little easier than it actually is, but our experts are on hand to make sure whichever you chose it will exceed your expectations every time.



Unified Communications.What does that mean? The ability to perform incredible tasks, easily, effectively and at a cost effective price. Utilising your existing network infrastructure with the right software you can share content be that video, audio, powerpoint or a mixture as a telepresence conference call with ease. Using Microsoft Office and Outlook to book your video call - invite people and to even make notes during your is now less stressful, more efficient and more productive.



The latest systems available can connect you to the mobile world including connectivity to your IPAD, Iphone, android devices and even simple wireless conference phones. Most Network based systems will provide high-definition displays with true reality and no-flicker or jaggy images unlike older video conferencing systems using ISDN, although there is still a place for this technology for remote "outside" network places or suppliers that may not be on your network for many other reasons.


Whether you need a simple office conference phone or a full kitted out envionment with multi screen displays and connections to dozens of sites - call Trigger for a free consultation.


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"It's just about allowing people to meet up and conduct business more efficiently, utilising their time more effectively and saving company expenses at the same time. Let alone the potential savings on environmental resources".

Video Conferencing & Telepresence

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