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"Today video is everywhere, adverts on the TV, enbedded into presentations, linked to Facebook and Twitter feeds, it's fun, usually shot on a handy cam and sometimes quite amazing. If you are looking to capture the moment but would like a little help we have the experience to create a master piece for you. Filming is a way of life here Trigger was founded as a Video Production Company in 1995 since then we've done quite a few".


Use Video – a picture says a thousand words. Video is now firmly established as an important mainstream technique for modern marketing and communications, proven to capture the attention of your audience, really showcase the benefits you offer and entice them to buy more and more often too.  

Trigger began as a broadcast video production company and 15 years later we’re still creating amazing programmes; our team of professional film makers have worked together for many years and embrace all the latest technologies and techniques, so you can be sure your films will deliver the results you need.

We believe events should never be boring. So we promise we’ll help you to Inspire with your theme.  Whether you want to be simple or elaborate, subtle or full-on, quirky or more mainstream, our creatives will help you decide on your theme, then bring it to life.


Spreading your message.  In this fast changing world of social media, iPads and YouTube, a short film is quick and easy to distribute, with the potential to reach a huge audience in a fraction of the time taken by more traditional methods


Enhancing your image.  Adopting new and imaginative ways of talking to your customers is a great way to refresh your image and get noticed; we’ll make the most of all our modern media magic to guarantee you look good, sound great and stand out from the crowd.


Improving your web results.  Adding video to your home page will increase response rates by up to 30%; it gives you instant personality, makes you more approachable and encourages visitors to spend longer on your site than graphics or photography (but beware, a bad video is a real turn off!)


Whether you’re thinking of corporate videos, training movies, 3D clips, animations or even short documentaries, we’ve got all the in-house capabilities you need.  


Our directors, cameramen and editors have all the best options and choices to keep you on message, on budget and on time... we’ve done it in the actual Dragon’s Den, so you’re assured of a great result whatever the pressure.







Video Production

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