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Corporate Events

In this fast changing world of social media, iPads and YouTube, video is quick and easy to spread your message because it has the potential to reach a large audience in a fraction of the time taken by more traditional methods


How can we help you with Video Production?


  • Film footage at your next event - presentations, exhibitor areas, gala dinner & delegate responses

  • Advertising videos for use in high traffic areas of your corporate offices

  • Training videos to allow your staff to take part, regardless of their location

  • 3D clips and animations to make your content more engaging


Our directors, cameramen and editors have all the best options and choices to keep you on message, on budget and on time.


Call us today on 01256 889288 to find out more about our Video Production services and how Trigger can help.  

Film your event, upload in minutes.  Stream your conference. Superb Video Testimonials!

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Contact us on 01256 889288

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